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Monday, June 18, 2012

Gold Occurrences in Botswana

Mining in Botswana

Although gold is mined in Botswana since the early 1990s diamond production has led the pack with most of the diamonds produced were of gem quality.  This made the country the world’s leading producer of diamonds by dollar value.  Other minerals produced included gold, copper-nickel matte and soda ash.  During 2005, mining accounted for about 38% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with more then 50% of the government’s revenue coming from the mining industry.

Almost two thirds of Southern Africa including Botswana is composed of rocks of the Karoo Supergroup and most of the rest of Southern Africa.  The rocks are deposited in a series of basins in which the deposits had their origin in the formation and breakup of Pangea. The strata in the main crew consists mainly of shales and sandstones that record an almost continuous sequence of marine deposits ranging from glacial to terrestrial the presentation from the late Carboniferous through the early Jurassic for a period of about 100 million years.

The sediments accumulated in a retroarcforeland basin, these sediments are called the named Main Karoo with a thickness of about 12,000 km. They are overlain by basaltic lavas of the Drakensberg group. The basin was formed by the subduction and orogenesis that occurred along the boundary of Gondwana and the Panthalassan Sea, paleo – Pacific. The basalt layers are approximately 1.4 km thick.

A subsidiary of Gallery Gold called Mupane Gold operated the Mupane gold mine that was located about 30 km south of Francistown. This gold came from the Tau pit, and after mid-year production came from the oxide zone of the Tholo pit. Gallery gold continued exploring other gold prospect in the area of the Mupane mine including several other prospects.

One company suspects there are outlaying members of the Witwatersrand underlying parts of the Karoo formation, but that are and there is an active drilling program that is being undertaken.

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