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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Hollon GoldMaker for Rapid Gold Recovery

The latest entry into the tools available to small scale gold miners is the Hollon GoldMaker. The Gold- Maker is an extremely efficient and highly portable device for working in placer gold deposits. This is not a toy, nor is it a gimmick it will go is designed for producing the largest amount of gold as fast as possible for a couple of guys or gals armed with shovels. The maker says, “if you can shovel into the top, you can make gold.”

The Hollon GoldMaker setup for action.


The Gold maker only weighs 32 pounds with its legs included. It has a unique molded spray bar supplying water to the Gold maker that has a built in slope that is capable of producing more Gold. This will build device was invented, tested and built by miners that love gold mining.

The Gold maker only requires 20 gallons of water to operate, it is equipped with a scalper allowing for quick field testing for gold and other valuable minerals. At the bottom of the Gold maker there is 11 1/4 inch wide true or that easily fits into a 5 gallon plastic bucket for a quick clean-up.

Another view of the Hollon GoldMaker 

 Accessories for the Gold Maker:

Gold maker comes equipped with a 2 inch suction nozzle including 15 feet of either one or two inch in diameter and a 2 inch suction nozzle with attachments.
There are also a set of settings and legs so that you can turn your Gold maker high bank or into the 2 inch suction dredge high bank or combo.

The Hollon GoldMaker in use being loaded with stream gravel.

How what works:

All you have to do to use the Hollon Gold maker is to show will some gold bearing gravel into the top where it is washed by water from the spray bar. If there is any material larger than three quarters of an inch is classified and exited by the top classifier, but is sometimes called a grizzly. By exiting the discarded material near the top of the Gold banker close your discard pile to grow without trying to crawl back into the machine immediately or fouling the lower sluice box.

In the next step the smaller material passes through 8 second 3/16 inch minus classifier to enter the recovery drawer. This recovery drawer has several features that were designed especially for trapping the finest gold that includes two boil recovery areas having unique scallops that were designed to put the finest gold further up the hill, and at the back of the boil. This design means it is less likely to migrate down through the riffle system to eventually run out of the bottom of the machine.

The Top of the GoldMaker showing the grizzly for removing large stones.

The Gold banker also features a scalper area which can be quickly cleaned and panned to test a theory that you are mining in an area that is Really productive. After two or three hours of operation, all you have to do is simply remove the drawer and recover your Gold.

If you are worried about the material that measures between 3/4 inch and 3/16 inch that may contain potential gold nuggets. In the GoldMaker this material slides down to the second classifier where it is reloaded into the sluice box below the find recovery drawer allowing the nuggets to be recovered without them or the other medium material mixing with and fouling the fine gold recovery.

The two inch suction dredge used in conjunction with the GoldMaker.

Throughout the entire 34 inch gold recovery system the whole thing is laced with an expanded style of riffles and trips designed to catch gold. Riffles used in virtually all the other gold recovery systems are not able to catch the finest gold alone because the action of water and materials of the sluice box as well as vibrations caused from shoveling along with the rocks rattling around in the system as they move down and out will eventually allow many small gold flakes to slowly migrate out one step at a time. The unique system of boil recovery that is used in the Gold Maker is one of its most important features. Until you have used the Gold maker system that catches even the finest gold particles in quantity, you will does not know what you have been missing!


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