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Thursday, August 16, 2012

East Coast Gold

East Coast Gold

Geological map of North America   USGS

This book is like none other, because it deals with gold found on the East Coast of North America.  The scope of the book takes us all the way from Greenland, through Eastern Canada and the United States all the way to Alabama.  This includes chapters on each of the individual areas whether they are states or provinces.  It also includes chapters explaining the technical aspects of hunting for gold in this area.

It does not include places where to hunt for gold because if I knew the places I’d be there first.  It does explain where to hunt for gold and the geological reasons behind the hunt.  It also explains the geological terrain where gold is most likely to be found.

The book will be published initially as an E-book costing US$29.99

We aren’t ready to take orders, but the book will be ready by Christmas; we hope to have it by Halloween.

If the demand is enough we will publish this book later in hard copy.   If you want to reserve a hard copy go <HERE>


  1. John, I like your approach and plan. Kudos!

  2. I love how you have given us all something to keep us going during the upcoming snow season. I look forward to eagerly planning for spring with this valuable information.

  3. John Angus Carter III (1935 - 2012)

    1. Hello Amy,
      I just saw in your comment that Mr. Carter passed away few years ago....I'm sorry and I offer to you and all the family my condolences. Are you from his family ? I came to his blog doing research related to gold mining...Is his book still available? Also, do you know which gold mine is on the picture of the blog (the big open pit) and where is this mine ?

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  6. I am so glad that you have bought a book out on such an interesting topic. I find the geology of the North American coast so very interesting so I'm really hoping that I can find a library or shop where I can get my hands on this book! Have you heard about the great work that Mineco are doing recently, its fantastic, you really should take a look!

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  10. Is this book still available, via E or hard copy?