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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Big Boys Toys for the Gold Patch

A sampling of some of the equipment that is produced by Goldlands at their plant in Bellingham Washington

As far as we know there is no formal definition for the Gold patch, so we will make one up right now. Our definition of the “Gold Patch” is that it is a large commercially viable deposit of placer gold from which the gold is recovered using specialized large-scale equipment.

Making a large-scale deposit of placer gold payoff is strictly a function of how much gold bearing gravel you can process in a day. You're not going to do it with neither a gold pan nor any other equipment that is used by the small-scale miner this takes some pretty good sized toys. One such company that makes this kind of gold recovery is Goldlands from Bellingham, Washington. The company makes a line of gold mining equipment specifically for the recovery of gold, platinum group metals and gemstones.

Goldlands manufactures a complete line of heavy industrial equipment suited for large scale operations for the recovery of gold and other heavy minerals.  They have some of the most innovative equipment in the field as they have been doing so since 1977.  Some of this equipment includes as quoted from their Webpage:;

“1.   The Gold SONIC CONCENTRATOR or "Live Sluice", a two tray, heavy duty high oscillation gravity concentrator for hardrock and alluvial precious metals extraction and concentration.  These process from 50 to 150 Tons per hour and can be placed in series for higher capacity operations.

Goldlands live sluice concentrator

2.   Portable 
HELICOID CONCENTRATORS called the Goldland "Blasters" which continuous feed and upgrade the metals and material.  These units include the MicroBlasters, GoldBlasters and NuggetBlasters, starting at the smallest test units of 1 Ton/Hour, up to high capacity of 150 Ton/hr units.

TROMMEL/SCRUBBERS:  These clay scrubbing units are portable a trailer mounted and process from 50 to 150 Tons/hour.  The gravels are washed thoroughly, releasing any gold baring material from gravel conglomerates.
Goldlands trommel unit

4.    Rotary 
MICRON GOLD CENTRIFUGES:   These centrifugal cylinders have a series of baffles within.  The units are rotated at a high but regulated speed which breaks the water tension and forces the micron, floating gold and precious metals to be captured and build up in the interior baffling.  The units are then purged at the end of shift and the concentrate extracted.

SCREENING SYSTEMS:  These high vibrating units have 4-6 decks and can be adapted to process either concentrate or bank run material. They are ideal for micron gold recovery.

MINING PROPERTIES AVAILABLE - Goldlands operates its own gold mines and has properties available for new customers who wish to learn to operate Goldland's mining equipment.   Learn and earn at the same time!”

Goldlands ships their equipment all over the world dismantled in shipboard containers.  There have even been reports of some of their equipment being used in Africa producing as much as $25,000 worth of gold per day.


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